Our Academics

At StoneGate Christian Academy, we strive to challenge all our students to meet a higher academic standard in their core subjects, while also assisting students in being well-rounded by offering a fine arts program that is competitive and award-winning. In all levels of academics, we keep a Biblical focus, incorporating the character of Christ and His teachings in our curriculum.

Pre-K - Elementary

The Elementary School of StoneGate Christian Academy is comprised of K4 through 6th grade and creates the foundation for preparing these students for High School, college, and life. A Biblical Worldview is incorporated into each piece of their curriculum that includes phonics-based reading, mathematics, science, history, and Bible. Students also have the opportunity to grow by participating in courses that include Spanish, choir, band, and PE.

 Elementary School hours

Pre-K4 - 3rd Grade......8:10am - 3:10pm

Grades 4 - 6...................8:10am - 3:30pm

Middle School - High School

The Middle School and High School of StoneGate Christian Academy is comprised of 7th through 12th grade and strives to prepare students for success at the collegiate level and for their chosen career path.  StoneGate Christian Academy believes strongly in the value of the arts for each student's intellectual and personal development. This requires that all students participate in either Band or Choir. Students may choose from Art, Theatre, Theatre Tech, Speech or Yearbook as additional options. The Upper School hours are from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.


The SGCA Administration selects various quality curriculum

from Christian publishers as well as screened

and selected secular materials.

Elementary uses ABeka curriculum 

as well as ACSI's Purposeful Design.

The Middle School- High School use quality curriculum from mostly Christian publishers, such as Apologia, ABeka,and Bob Jones. College level textbooks are used for various Junior and Senior classes. Screened and selected secular materials are also used in some areas.

Fine Arts 

It is the mission of the SGCA Fine Arts to provide each student with a Biblically based, well-rounded, excellent arts education that will train, enrich and encourage their gifts.

God is the supreme creator, and we are each gifted with talents in order to bring glory to God and communicate Him to the world around us.


  • To provide proper instruction

  • To offer a variety of experience

  • To develop an appreciation of the arts

  • To assist students in discovering and developing their unique God-given talent

  • To develop self-discipline, critical thinking and problem solving skills in each student

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